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Winnetka Hair Transplants

Men and women who suffer from hair loss often feel demoralized or embarrassed with their balding and often become targets of jokes and teasing. They may laugh off jokes and comments but on the inside they become more self conscious of their appearance. Some might even turn to wigs and hair pieces to hide behind.

At International Hair Institute, we can help you regrow your own real hair. Reverse the clock on your appearance with our permanent solutions.

Hair Is The Crown You Can Never Take Off!

You know the saying. You are the King or Queen of your life so invest in your crown. Put yourself first and quit stressing out. Stressing out may be the reason for your baldness in the first place! Relax and allow Dr. Puig work his magic. His passion behind helping patients treat their hairline is the reason why he is the best rated doctor in the industry.

You Are Less Than An Hour Away!

Lucky for you, you are only 57 minutes away from a total life transformation! You want to make a difference and we are eager to walk you through your options. Visit our office for a FREE consultation.

Take a look at our Hair Transplant Near Me page to see other locations we are convenient to.

Special Pricing!

Special Pricing for all hair and beard transplants in October & November! Ask about our free microneedling session when you come to your free consultation!