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Western Springs Hair Transplants

The solution to your balding is closer than you thought! With IHI, you can solve your balding issues with permanent solutions. In no time, you’ll be able to experiment with new hairstyles and regain your sense of individuality!

Western Springs Hair Transplants

The best part about the results of our hair transplant procedure is that you get your own hair back and won’t have to worry about losing it ever again. It’s yours and will be there forever to do as you please! Dr. Puig is passionate about making his patients feel confident about themselves and step back into the world new and improved!

Western Springs Hair Transplants

After just 52 minutes, you can learn about a hair restoration surgery that will change the way you feel about yourself for ever! Visit our office today!

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Special Pricing!

Special Pricing for all hair and beard transplants in October & November! Ask about our free microneedling session when you come to your free consultation!