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turkish hair transplant

Hair Transplant in Turkey

turkey hair

With its gorgeous landmarks, refreshing beaches, and amusing shopping bazaars, Turkey has grown to be a popular destination for tourists. Dispite terror threats in recent years, people have been flooding in each summer to get a taste of the vibrant middle eastern country. Besides the beauty of Turkey itself, there is also another attraction reeling in tourists world wide. Hair transplants!

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

hair restoration in turkey

In the U.S., a hair transplant procedure can cost up to $25,000 at the max. In Turkey, it ranges $600 to $2,000. Folks have been making their way to Turkey to get hair transplant procedures due to it’s substantially lower prices and bundle deal. Clinics pay for private drivers, hotels, and transportation for their patients. Regardless of how sweet this may all appear, there is also a dark side of getting the surgery done in Turkey. 

Cutting Costs

turkish hair restoration

Due to the popularity of Turkish hair restoration procedures, many clinics have popped up ready to compete with their rivals for who can provide the most affordable procedure. The competition has lead to the downfall in the quality of the procedures caused by clinics who hire under-qualified individuals to cut costs. 

Breaking the Law

hair transplant

During consultations before the surgery, patients are lead to believe that they will be getting their procedure done by a qualified doctor when most of the times it’s done by someone who is less qualified. In spite of Turkish law regulations proclaiming that only doctors could perform the hair restoration procedures, many are done by nurses and technicians. The doctor usually doesn’t step in until there is a complication or more difficult procedure. 

Low Quality Hair Transplants

turkish hair transplant

The low quality hair procedures can result in to many future completions like the loss of even more hair including the ones that have been implanted, hair being implanted in the opposite direction of the hair growth resulting in an awkward appearance and uncomfortable feeling on the scalp, and scalp infections that can result to serious and life threatening illnesses. There is so much that can go wrong when a procedure is not performed by a professional.    

Employee Exploitation

Along with low-quality procedures, many clinics also abuse their employees who have unique circumstances. Many Syrian refugees who had to flee their homes work at these clinics and are willing to put up with poor treatment to provide for their families. It is very difficult for Syrians to find jobs in Turkey so a lot of them end up working for these hair transplant clinics. They are valuable resources because they can speak, read, and write in Arabic.  

A lot of the clinics often exploit Syrian employees by giving them unjust pay and punishments. Many times they have to work up to 10 hours a day with one day off where they are given a phone and still required to pick up calls. If a call is not picked up on that day, they cut their salary or off days. 

IHI Warns Against Turkish Hair Transplants!

turkish clinic hair transplant

IHI warns against traveling abroad for a hair restoration procedure your safety and well being. It’s better to get a procedure done by a trusted clinic in one’s country than go abroad for a procedure done by unqualified individuals. A low quality procedure can lead to ugly side effects. If you are desperate for a hair transplant, come in to our office for a free consultation and learn what your options are. 

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