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Our Patient Story

Excellent service from start to finish

I love my new hairline

Extremely professional, well priced and efficient service

A hair clinic on the West Coast paid me to test their new robotic hair transplant technology. 6 months later my hair was terrible, and they compromised my donor area. I went to International Hair Institute to see if they could help, and they did! They don't use robotics for hair transplants and do it all manually by hand. I wish I never did the first one because they really ruined a lot of my donor area. But, I was able to help fix my hairline and so glad I found them.

Jason Q.

A year and a half ago I had a hair transplant at IHI. I'm almost 60 and had a lot of baldness. They implanted 2100 grafts as the first procedure, focusing on my front and top of my hairline. 2 months ago I had a second surgery with them and they transplanted another 1500 grafts closer to my crown area. Very happy with the results and the staff!

Carl V.

I'm a truck driver and don't live in Chicago, but make deliveries there. My friends, who had transplants here told me about International Hair Institute. I liked the way their hair turned out and scheduled a consultation when I was in Chicago in Spring. I had my hair transplant in Summer and it's looking real good right now. Highly recommend them!

Mohammad A.

Already I can see tremendous result

I had my hair transplant surgery 6 months ago and just had my 6 months medical follow-up with them. Great experience.

Kurt R.

I had my PRP with International Hair Institute this past year, love the staff and their services. Maya is very professional!

Jake Z.

Since I'm working from home, and will be the next several months, I thought this would be the best time to have a hair transplant. I found IHI online, and started calling around, then went to 3 or 4 consultations to different clinics to compare. I highly suggest doing this because you can really see the differences, not only in prices, but they way you're treated. This was a big decision for me, and they took me seriously and spent a lot of time educating me about the entire process. It wasn't a sales pitch, but a conversation about something that's very important to me, my hair! So, my best advice is to visit as many hair docs as you can, and you'll see the difference!

Peter B.

My wife gave me a hair transplant as my Father's Day gift last year! It was a surprise. She did all the research online and calling and talking with a lot of different places. She decided that International Hair Institute was the best choice for me and drove me to their downtown Chicago clinic, saying we were going to a jewelry store! haha, I was really surprised when we walked into the clinic for my consultation. Everyone was so friendly and explained everything in detail. It's been six months now, and my hairline is great. Not only do I like it, but my wife also loves it! Best gift I ever got!

Phil S.

Very pleased with the entire process.

I spent months researching hair transplants and went to several consultations all over the Chicago area. What really impressed me with IHI was their professionalism. They weren't pushy for a sale. They explained everything in detail and had the best prices. It's been almost a year and my friends tell me I look 10 years younger. If you're thinking of having a hair transplant, I'd definitely contact them for an appointment

Perry C.

The recovery was rapid and the results so far have been exactly as predicted

My beard was always patchy looking so I went to IHI to see if they could fix it. They sure did. I went to a consultation and they explained the entire procedure. When I met the doctor, he helped create a great design. It was a long surgery, several hours, but now it really looks good. Anyone thinking of a beard transplant should check out this place!

Joe D.

I feel like I’m 26 again!