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Should I Tell Others About My Hair Restoration?

Hair Restoration In Chicago, IL

If you are like some people, you may find losing your hair to be embarrassing. Therefore, the thought of having conversations related to hair loss and hair loss treatments may make you uncomfortable or heighten your insecurities. At International Hair Institute in Chicago, we treat many patients who are nervous about having to explain to their friends that they have had hair transplant surgery. Below, our hair restoration team provides input on this subject.

Natural Looking Results

Techniques and procedures for hair restoration have evolved significantly in recent history. Whereas the signs that someone had a hair transplant used to be much more obvious, FUE and FUT approaches can create a natural-looking hairline with scarring that is nearly impossible to perceive. This means you will have no need to discuss this subject with new people you meet since your hair will look like it was always there. The fact that you can largely avoid having any conversations about your hair transplant should affirm your decision.

Why Telling Some People May Make Sense

Your friends and family members are eventually likely to notice that you have a thicker head of hair when your hair grows back in months after your surgery. But just because they notice does not mean they will mention it. Many of the people who do broach the subject with our patients are others experiencing hair loss who want to know what our patients did to improve the results.

The only people you may feel obligated to tell are loved ones you share a home with. Since you will need a ride home after your procedure, as well as some modest recovery time, trying to keep it a secret is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Societal Attitudes Are Changing

Polls find that attitudes toward cosmetic procedures, from skin care to plastic surgery to hair transplant, have improved over time. People understand that wanting to boost your own confidence in your appearance is separate from vanity. You may be surprised at what a non-issue having surgery is. Many of the same people who would tease you for having hair transplant are the same people who would tease your receding hairline. Since you can’t please everyone, you might as well make choices that make you happy.

Your Choice Is Your Own

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you want to discuss hair restoration with anyone. Overall, our patients find that the happiness and confidence they gain from having a full head of hair once again overshadows the embarrassment they feel from someone noticing that they have had hair transplant.

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