2800 Grafts - Jose's Story


2800 Grafts – Jose’s Story – Hair Transplant Chicago

Why IHI?

When I cam into the clinic, I felt like their interest was more into my health and well being rather than making money like other clinics. I knew I could put my trust in you guys.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to get a hair transplant?

I would recommend them to do their research on doctors and clinics.

Jose was suffering from male pattern baldness and looked so much older than he actually was. Disappointed with his looks, he immediately looked for hair transplant clinics that could help him bring back all of his hair back forever! He came across International Hair Institute through an online advertisement and signed up for a consultation. He got very good vibes after visiting the clinic and was confident enough to go through with the surgery. After 11 days, he looks 10 years younger than he did before!

“IHI cured my hair loss!”