2000 Grafts - Julio's Story


2000 Grafts – Julio’s Story – Hair Transplant Chicago

Why did you want a hair transplant?

I was very unhappy with the appearance of my hair and badly needed a change .


How do you feel 2 weeks after the procedure?

I feel a lot more confidant. I can approach people a lot easier and I feel like they focus more on my face than my baldness now.

Julio was losing his self confidence due to his hair loss. He felt that it made him look a lot older than he actually was. He wanted to do something to reverse his thinning hairline for good. He was recommended to IHI Clinic by a relative and booked a consultation immediately. Julio felt at ease while talking to our consultant and was ready to go through with the surgery. His results look amazing and his confidence has skyrocketed.


I feel like my self again!