1800 Grafts - Henry's Story


1800 Grafts – Henry’s Story – Hair Transplant Chicago

Why did you want to do a hairline transplant?

I wanted a a permanent line-up look. My receding hairline made me look a little older and a wanted to correct my hairline for a stylish look.


How was surgery day?

Surgery day was good. Dr. Puig is a really great guy and did an amazing job.

Henry’s imagination went wild with different hairstyles he wanted to try. That’s if he had hair of course. He then realized that he didn’t have to accept the fate of his receding hairline. Henry began doing his research on hair transplants and hair transplant clinics in Chicago and came across IHI. He came in for a consultation and felt in his heard that he needed to go through with his hair restoration journey.

” I know that I will finally be able to switch up my hair and try something new.”