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Pricing is determined by how many grafts are needed to cover the balding areas, so pricing varies from person to person. 


The exact cost of your hair restoration is determined by your individual needs, including:

Hair transplant cost

Amount of hair loss

Available donor hair

hair restoration cost

Hair Characteristics

how much chicago hair transplant price

End goal

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What Determines Your Hair Transplant Cost?

1. Stage of Hair Loss

Your hair transplant pricing is going to largely dependent on your stage of hair loss. Based on your unique pattern of hair loss, how far along you are on the hair loss scale, and how many grafts you will need to fill in your balding area, then a price will be determined. Covering up a larger area will cost more than a smaller area.

Here is a chart of male pattern hair loss classes and graft counts that will be needed to cover up the affected areas.

1000 – 1200 grafts

1200 – 1500 grafts

1500 – 2000 grafts

2000 – 2300 grafts

2300 – 2500 grafts

2500 – 2800 grafts

2800 – 3000 grafts

3000 – 3300 grafts

3300 – 3500 grafts

3500 – 3700 grafts

3700 – 4500 grafts

4500 grafts

2. Hair Volume

Your desired hair volume will also be calculated into the overall treatment cost. If you want more density in your thinning area, more grafts will be planted, thus, raising the hair transplant cost. 

What Determines Your Beard Transplant Cost?

Your beard transplant pricing is going to be determined by how much of the beard area your would like filled in. If you want a full beard, you can expect to pay more to fill in the whole beard area. If you just want some patchy areas covered, your beard transplant surgery would cost less. Take a look at our beard transplant pricing page and our beard transplant before and after page

Hair Transplant Financing

A common misconception that people have is that they will not be able to afford a hair transplant surgery. At IHI Clinic, we have created financing options that will make it so much easier to afford the surgery. Take a look at our financing page to learn more.

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