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Oak Brook Hair Transplants

Who says hair isn’t important? Hair is often times the very first thing that people notice about you. With that understood, it’s appropriate to state that the time, money, and effort we put into our hair never go to waste. Unfortunately, many individuals are not blessed with the privilege of having hair to change up their looks. That’s why we are here!

Oak Brook Hair Transplants

Dr. Puig is well known in the hair restoration industry for being up-to-date and efficient. At IHI, we use the most modern technology to ensure that our patients leave the clinic safe and happy with results that last a lifetime! Schedule a FREE consultation today to explore your options!

Oak Brook Hair Transplants

Being just 19.6 miles away from our office, you have literally no excuse for not signing up at our clinic! Visit us today!

Take a look at our Hair Transplant Near Me page to see other locations we are convenient to.

Special Pricing!

Special Pricing for all hair and beard transplants in October & November! Ask about our free microneedling session when you come to your free consultation!