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Do You Have Male Pattern Baldness?

Does it seem like your hair on your head is getting transparent as the years go by? If your hair loss occurs in a pattern from the temples and crown of the head, then you might have male pattern baldness. Read on to determine if this hair loss patter is similar to yours and what you can do to reverse it!

How Quickly Does Balding Happen?

Male hair loss usually beings in the mid 20’s or early 30’s and can take about 15 to 25 years to go completely bald. But some men can go bald in 5 years so it is not possible to set an exact time on it. By their 50’s, half of all men shed all of their hair and become completely bald. You can identify male pattern baldness by looking out for receding hair above the temples of your head or your hairline developing into an “M” shape.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Hereditary?

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition that affects several men. With male pattern baldness, hair loss happens due to the body becoming more sensitive to androgens, male sex hormones. How quickly this affects your hair loss depends on your genetics. If you have a history of baldness in your family, it is likely that you may also go bald in the future. However, male pattern baldness is not the only type of hair loss out there. Surgical scarringAlopecia Areata, and Dihydrotestosterone are also different scalp diseases that cause hair loss.

Can Natural Hair Loss Solutions Help?

There are many different hair loss solutions that are totally natural, can thicken thinning hair, and restore some hair loss. All of this of course, depends on how an individual’s body reacts to the remedies. You will have to be patient and stay consistent with your treatment but results can show any where from 1 month to 3 months. Ayervedaherbal teas,  hair oils, and a healthy balanced diet can all stimulate hair growth.

How The Hair Sheds

With this type of hair loss, the hair growth cycle begins to weaken and the hair follicles shrink and produce shorter and thinner hair. Eventually, the hair gets so weak that it stops growing all together and does not get replaced by any new hair. That’s why one should get the hair loss treated as soon as it is noticed. In the early stages, it is easy for one to be able to retain and strengthen the hair that you do have before it falls out for good.

Psychological Effects of Going Bald

Many people feel that their hair is a huge part of their identity. They have had it for most of their lives. So it is understandable that when this sense of identity is gone, one may feel lost and lose their confidence. Plus, we all know the stigma that comes along with a balding head. It is a sign that a person is getting old. If you are loosing your confidence because of your hair loss, it may be a good idea to talk to a therapist about it. You also might want to consider getting a hair transplant surgery to treat your hair loss and bring your hair back for good!

Male Pattern Baldness Cure

Thankfully, there are hair loss solutions out there for you that are completely safe and have changed the lives of many people. Getting your hair back on your head means increased confidence and better looks which will open doors for you in your career and personal life. At IHI, we offer several different solutions to your receding hairline, both surgical and non-surgical. Our team of professionals and our doctor will create a custom plan for you and we will work with you to reach the results you want. Everyone are welcome to our office for a free consultation. The consultation will get you several steps closer to achieving the hair goals of your dreams. Sign up today!