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Lake Forrest Hair Transplants

Restore the forest of hair that was once on your head! If you think you are stuck with being bald for the rest of your life, you need to explore your options. Yes, being bald is a bummer but know that there is a way to reverse your hair loss! You will once again be able to pick and choose between different hair cuts and styles. It’s time to get hair freedom that you deserve!

Restore Your Forest With IHI!​

At IHI we are passionate about helping our patients rediscover a side of themselves that they deeply miss. Getting a hair transplant can make an individual turn back the clock by 10 years! Dr. Puig’s advanced hair restoration methods have proven to show successful results again and again. Rest assured, the future of your hair is in good hands.

Totally Worth The Drive!​

You are just an hour away to learning about your hair regrowth options. Start an exciting new beginning to your life! Visit the clinic today!

Take a look at our Hair Transplant Near Me page to see other locations we are convenient to.

Special Pricing!

Special Pricing for all hair and beard transplants in October & November! Ask about our free microneedling session when you come to your free consultation!