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Kenilworth Hair Transplants

There are many reasons why millions of men and women experience hair loss. Genetics, stress, poor nutrition, and illness are just some of the factors. regardless of what the reasons may be, at the International Hair Institute, we can provide you with a permanent solution.

Kenilworth Hair Transplants

Performing effective procedures is something that Dr. Puig is well known for. Our mission is to bring back your youthful appearance so that you can have the confidence to go out and make amazing  first impressions! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients leaving our clinic feeling confident and empowered. Schedule a FREE consultation on your hair transplant procedure.

Kenilworth Hair Transplants

From Kenilworth, you are just 50 minutes away from new possibilities! Allow us to walk you through your hair restoration options. You have already found us, now let us help you.

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