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How to Edge Up Hairline Yourself!

Hair Restoration

The line up. The hottest trend in Men’s hair along side with the fade. Guys spend good money on getting a crisp, clean hairline up from their local barber shops. There are many talented barbers here in Chicago, however, what if you could create the perfect line up yourself? And no, you don’t need a barber school education! Here is a step by step guide on how to create the perfect line up yourself! 

Edge up

1. Barber Supplies

Before we begin, you need to make sure you have the right tools. You will need:

  • Andis T-outliner
  • Rhino Comb
  • Liquid Razor 
  • Injectable blade straight razor
Hair Loss Cure

2. Trim the Edges

To prep the edges of your haircut, you will need to lighten up the edges around your hair. Next, you will need to add liquid razor to the edges. Liquid razor helps keep your hair in place when the vibrations of your clippers blow your hair around.  

Hairline transplant

3. Visualize Your Hairline

The next thing you will need to do is use your imagination to cut the perfect hairline. While looking at your reflection in the mirror, you need to get a mental idea of a line wrapping around your head. To avoid pushing your hairline too far back, visualize the line to be as forward as possible. You can even mark the area with eyeliner to make things easier.

Hair Line up

4. Comb it Forward!

Once you have your hairline visualized, you will need to comb it all forward! As you trim your hairline, you will need to comb it forward continuously so that you can get your hairline to be as perfect as possible!

line up

5. Check Your Work

Now that you have done the clipping, it’s time to use your rhino comb to measure the different areas of your lineup so that you can edge them up to be as symmetrically balanced as possible. You will also need to make sure that the left side of your line up is a mirror image of the right side

6. Clean it Up

The next thing you will need to do is clean everything up with your straight razor! This will help with getting all the hairs that you may have missed with the clippers. Apply a shaving gel and work carefully with your razor!

Hair Transplant results

The Title

Creating the perfect line up is something that you can do completely on your own however, if you mess up, you could end up looking really funny and it can be quite embarrassing! Face it, you are not a pro. Fortunately, If you get a hairline transplant done with IHI Clinic, you can have a perfect crispy hairline naturally for the rest of your life! A lot of men resort to a line up to alter their newly receding hairline. With a hairline transplant, you can get your hairline restored! Stop spending money on a hairline that can grow back when you can invest in a hairline that will stay with you through thick and thin. Sign up for a free consultation at our clinic today!