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How To Choose A Beard Style | Beard Trends 2019 – Hair Transplant Chicago

A man can look 100 times more attractive with a beard. Getting dense facial hair is the obsession of men all over the universe in this day and age. Many guys are opting for beard transplants to achieve a more masculine and fashion forward look. However, supporting the beard trend is useless if one doesn’t have knowledge of what beard style complements their face shape or if necessary beard trimming is neglected. Here are the most flattering bearded looks modeled by the hottest guys in Hollywood. Keep these looks in mind the next time you visit your barber!

Face Shapes


For square shaped faces, it is best to trim with clean and precise lines close to your cheekbones. Keep the hair shorter on the sides of your face and longer on your chin to emphasize your square jawline!


Here is Brad Pit with the a goatee. A mustache paired with a chin strip. This look emphasizes his square jawline and slims the sides of his face.


With a face shape that is almost as full as it is long, slim the appearance of your face with an angled shave along your cheekbones to give a more structured look. It is also a good idea to keep the hair a little fuller on the chin

Boxed Beard

Here, Fawad Khan is supporting the boxed bearded look which adds shape to his jawline and slims is face. Also consider a beard with fade look with this style.


For both men and women, an oval face shape is the ideal to try any beard and hair style. Feel free to experiment as you please.


Jake Gyllenhaal who has an oval face shape is free to try any bearded look he chooses. He looks amazing in a beard or in stubble as seem in this photo.


Because you have a facial structure that is much stronger than the other face shapes, its best to keep your beard short on the bottom and longer on the sides of your face.

Mutton Chops

Here is Hugh Jackman with mutton chops. Notice how his beard is trimmed a little shorter on the bottom and fuller on the sides to flatter his square shaped face.


The oblong face is similar to the oval face shape except it is more narrow and long. The best way to go for an oblong face shape is a style that ads more width to the sides of your face.

Full Beard

For oblong face shapes, a full beard with a mustache that goes past the corners of the lips are ideal to add more volume to the face.


A diamond face shape is characterized by having more width at the cheeks with high cheek bones and having a small chin. For this face shape, it is best to add more width to the jawline.

Anchor Beard

Here, Johnny Depp has is wearing an anchor beard to give the illusion of a stronger chin. A mustache that goes bast the corners of his lips also adds width to the bottom portion of his face.

Struggling With Beard Growth?

If you have a patchy beard, it makes it really difficult to choose a style that is most flattering for your face shape. With a beard transplant, you can defy the laws of your facial hair genetics and achieve your beard goals! Sign up for a FREE consultation at our clinic and take a look at our beard transplant before and after page. Also consider beard oils to stimulate hair growth.