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How Early Should I Take Action for a Receding Hairline?

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If you enjoy having a lush head of hair, it is understandable that you might be distressed to notice that your hairline has started to recede. You may be wondering how much hair needs to fall out before you take steps to address this cosmetic problem. In this blog, the dedicated hair restoration experts at the International Hair Institute in Chicago give advice on when it is appropriate to seek care.

You May Not Be a Candidate for Hair Transplant…Yet

Hair transplants are rarely recommended to someone at the first sign of hair loss. Since a receding hairline is an ongoing process, adding hair to the front of the scalp can be undesirable if the hair behind it continues to thin and looks different from the remaining thick hair at the front. That is not to say that your hair loss must stabilize completely before having a hair transplant, but allowing rapid hair loss to slow down first so that a surgeon who understands the pattern of hair loss is helpful.

Some people have what is known as a “mature hairline” — that is, a hairline that has receded a bit as part of the normal aging process but is not as a precursor to baldness.

However, You Can Act Early to Prevent Future Loss

Just because immediately undergoing a hair transplant may not be an option does not mean you have to tolerate a receding hairline while taking no action. In fact, there are steps you can take to help slow or stop the progression of hair loss, which may negate your need for surgery later.

Ultimately, the right course of action depends on the kind of hair loss you are experiencing. Hair loss professionals can determine whether medication, hormones, or lifestyle and grooming modifications can help to preserve your hair. For this, the sooner you start a treatment plan, the better your likelihood of preventing hair loss. Many people procrastinate, unaware that there is something they can do, missing out on an opportunity to maintain a younger-looking hairline in the meantime.

Meet with Our Specialists

The best way to know for sure whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant or early intervention is to meet with experts who have devoted their careers to helping patients maintain or restore a full head of hair. At International Hair Institute in Chicago, we can devise a plan that is best for your specific hair. Please call (312) 854-3898 or (312) 854-3899 for a free consultation.