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Eyebrow Sculpting

Good structured eyebrows add a lot of beauty to a face. Women who over plucked their eyebrows in the 90’s and early 2000’s are celebrating grow thick, bold brows by growing some of their own. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with volume in their eyebrows but it doesn’t mean that the dream of achieving beautiful eyebrows is over. With eyebrow transplant surgery, you can get the look you have always desired! Check out our five reasons why people seek eyebrow restoration surgery! 

All the Rage!

You know how it is these days! Anyone who is anyone has a boast worthy pair of brows. They are a facial feature that has been in the spotlight now more than ever before and for good reason. The new trend of thicker, fuller brows looks fierce! From the hottest celebrities, like Kyle Jenner, to the most stylish girls around you, everyone is on the eyebrow bandwagon. When will you be? 

They Frame Your Face

Eyebrows are essential to your face. Without them, we just do not look complete! The ideal eyebrow shape can put your best facial features in the spotlight and give you a more youthful appearance. Even on a make-up free day, a good brow can leave you looking polished, fresh, and natural! 

They Won’t Wash Off!

When you get an eyebrow transplant, it is 100% your own hair. That means it will not wash off or ware down at the end of the day! They are completely your hairs meant for you to style and shape as you please. A great plus! 

Natural Protection

The human body is constructed in such a way that each of our features serve a specific purpose. The feature of the eyebrows is to protect our eyes from from sweat, dirt, and the sun. That’s why having a thick pair of brows is super important for our eye health. 

Restores Damages

Eyebrow restoration can restore any damages caused to your brows from over plucking, or scarring. In no time, you will be back to your original eyebrow shape or with a little more volume than before! 

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