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Hair Transplant in Chicago

Before we start talking about Hair Transplant in Chicago, imagine seeing a reflection of yourself in the mirror with a head full of thicker denser hair. Getting a hair transplant surgery will boost your confidence, make your appearance more physically attractive, and make you look up to 10 years younger!

Chicago, IL

Natural Process

Hair transplanting is a natural method which doesn’t involves any special chemicals or medicines.

Hair Restoration

Get Rid of Balding

You don’t have to be bothered about losing out hair after a successful transplant.

Hair Restoration

Frames the Face

This will also enhance your looks making your face looks better than it did earlier.

Hair Growth

Minimum Maintenance

You don’t have worry about applying any chemicals or shampoos to treat the transplanted hair.

Hair transplant cost


The cost of hair transplant is less compared to the lifetime cost of other treatment methods.


What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the modern-day solution to fight baldness. People have got over the fear and unpredictability they had over this method. Hair transplant is a process which involves the movement of hair to a bald area within the scalp and is performed by a dermatological surgeon. The usual method of performing a transplant is moving the hair from the back of the scalp to the front or the top. It has been revealed that genetics is the key reason for baldness among men. The rest of the reasons could be in the form of illness, stress and anxiety, poor diet plans and medications.
It should be noted that there are two methods of hair transplanting. They are slit grafts and micro-grafts. There are around 4-to 10 hair strains within a graft under the slit graft method and the micro-graft consists of only one or two hair strains. It varies upon the area of coverage.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant method has gained great popularity during the recent past. People surely consider this an option if the traditional herbal remedy for hair loss doesn’t work well for them. It is important to understand the benefits of hair transplanting method.

Natural Organic process:

People fear this method assuming that it is unsafe and involves heavy chemicals which is not suitable for the hair. Their assumption is totally wrong. It should be noted that hair transplanting is a natural method that doesn’t involve any special chemicals or medicines. This is the most natural method apart from the home remedies for hair growth. The results of hair transplanting have been amazing over the past few years and the failure rate is just below 10 percent.

Get rid of balding

This method has the ability to eliminate all hair related issues. You don’t have to be bothered about losing out hair after a successful transplant. It should be noted that chances for repeat balding are kept to a minimum after a hair transplant surgery. You may not get the original hair you had, but it will be quite close to it.

Get that pleasant look onto your face

People with bald hair tend not to look good if they are short and small built. They get offended by the offensive jokes made by colleagues and family. This could bring them down both mentally and physically. A successful hair transplant could provide you a head full of hair and you could gain your lost confidence back. This will also enhance your looks making your face looks better than it did earlier.

Minimum maintenance requirements

You will be enjoying the comfort of normal hair even after a transplant. You don’t have worry about applying any chemicals or shampoos to treat the transplanted hair. This is the ideal hassle-free solution for hair loss in men. It should be noted that hair transplanting is a one-time process that doesn’t require you to perform repeat treatments. You don’t have to visit the surgeon on a constant basis. This is lifetime investment that requires low maintenance.

Cost-effective method (Hair Transplant Chicago )

You will be surprised to hear the fact that hair transplants in Chicago are cost-effective. That is the reality if you compare it with the other methods. Other treatment methods need little investment but are never-ending. The hair transplant is a one-time treatment that doesn’t involve any follow on treatments. So in this context, the cost of a hair transplant is less compared to the lifetime cost of other treatment methods. Consider the benefits in the long run rather than focusing on the short run.

Side effects of hair transplanting

No method for hair treatment is side effect free except for the natural remedies. It should be noted that hair transplanting could give rise to several side effects, but not major ones. You should move on with life trying to combat these side effects. Mentioned below are some of the side effects caused due to hair transplants.


After the Hair Transplant, Itching is a very common post-effect experienced by many hair transplant patients. It could turn into the worst situation if not treated properly. Patients tend to itch due to scab formation. The grafting method could lead to the formation of thousands of scabs. The itching could be controlled through shampoo during the initial stage. It is best to consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon if the itching turns worse.


Scarring is common among people who have undergone strip plantation surgeries. This could be an extension of genetic dispositions especially the extreme conditions. The scars could be hideous when the patient has a short hairstyle. The scars could be the result of previous transplant methods.


This side effect is mostly seen with the grafting method. This is considered to be an immediate side-effect which is to be seen just after the treatment is being done. Hemorrhage occurs due the inexperienced nature shown while operating the scalp. The best method to avoid this situation is consulting a well experienced and reputed cosmetic surgeon to perform the transplant. There could be infections occurring after performing certain types of transplant surgeries. This could be a result of using inappropriate instruments and equipment. You should avoid visiting unclean theaters to perform these types of surgeries.

Shock loss 

The term “Shock Loss” is referred to the temporary thinning of hair. This is a clear result of poor hair transplanting. There are instances where the cosmetic surgeon fails to transplant all hairs successful and consistently. This is known to be the most dangerous side effect related to hair transplanting. Some may experience partial baldness and some may experience thinning of hair.
Hair transplanting is a systematic process that should be done according to high standards and criteria. It performed successfully; this could turn into a great anti-hair loss solution. You should make a wise decision when consulting a dermatologist or a skin surgeon. It all depends on the skills of the surgeon. Hence, you are encouraged to go to a qualified hair transplant and restoration clinic in Chicago such as International Hair Institute. IHI is located in the heart of Chicago on 50 E Washington St., across from Millennium Park. 

How much does a hair transplant cost in Chicago?

In Chicago, IL, the price for a hair transplant surgery ranges from $7,500 – $17,000. This rate depends on where you get your hair restoration procedure done and how many grafts are needed to fill in the balding area. At most clinics, you will be charged this amount for less hair follicles. Here at IHI Clinic, your price range will be $6,000-$16,000 and you will be receiving more hair follicles per graft. This means you will get more coverage for a lower price!

Hair Transplant Recovery 

The hair transplant recovery timeline is about 2 to 5 days after the surgery. The healing process varies for each individual. Some are ready to go to work the day after their procedure while others prefer to stay home for a few days until they are ready. 

Can you wear a hat after hair transplant? 

Avoid any contact with your scalp after your hair transplant! Wearing a hat can knock the freshly implanted grafts out of place. Do not brush, wash, touch, or scratch your hair for at least 48 hours after your hair transplant! 

Does donor hair grow back? 

No, although it would be nice if the donor’s hair grew back, it does not. When grafts are harvested from your donor area, the entire hair follicles and cells surrounding it are removed from the spot and moved to the area that needs coverage.   

Do hair transplants look natural? 

As long as you get your hair transplant done from a doctor who is well experienced and a clinic that you know you can trust blindly, your hair transplant will look completely natural. Many people get their hair transplants done in other countries in the hopes to get a cheap hair transplant but the results don’t always look natural. It is better to do your research and pay a little more money for a hair transplant you know will look natural.

Success rate of  hair transplants

A hair transplant is a hair loss cure! It is not only the most successful method of hair restoration, it also delivers results that are permanent. You will have your transplanted hair for the rest of your life! 


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