International Hair Institute specializes in the treatment(s) of scar-induced hair loss.

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Hair Transplants on Scars – IHI Hair Restoration Chicago

Why to Get a Hair Transplant on Scars?

Nothing is more heart crushing than seeing a patient who has been disfigured or has scarring on the scalp that has stripped them of their hair. For many individuals, scarring as a result of injuries, burns of accidents leave them feeling less confidant and like their sense of self worth is missing, especially when the scar is in a spot that is clearly visible. It can be a constant reminder of that they had before their incident and wonder how life would be different if it had never happened.

If you or someone you know has scaring on their scalp or any other area of their body where their hair has been permanently stripped, IHI Clinic is here to help. If circumstances allow for it, we can use hair transplant surgery on scars to cover them up and restore missing hair. Check out one of our scar patients, Erik.

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Hair Transplant on Scar Tissue

Hair Transplanting on a scar takes extra care and may require multiple procedures but patients can expect to see phenomenal results! In numerous cases, the transplanted hair covers up the scarring as well that it looks like the injury never even happened.

However, it is important to to keep in mind that the new transplanted hair will have the same qualities such as color and texture, as the donor hair. After all, that is the hair that will be inserted in the desired area. This means that the appearance of your new hair will be the same as your natural hair and achieving and appearance that is inconsistent with the hair that you have is not possible through the procedure.

Transplant on Scarring After Care

Early on after the hair transplant surgery, it is extremely crucial to be gentle and take care of the grafts. This is especially important in the cases of hair transplants on scar tissue because there is an increased risk of the grafts being knocked out of place.

The grafts will need to be frequently moisturized with after care sprays and must not be touched for at least 7 days after the procedure. This will optimize healing and help the hair grow in healthy. Patients should keep in touch with their clinic years following the transplant so that the process of their hair growth can be monitored.