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What is Hair Physiotherapy? 

Hair Physiotherapy is a type of hair therapy that aids in hair growth. International Hair Institute’s hair therapy treatment is performed using all natural hair products that supply an array of essential nutrients to your cells to stimulate hair growth. The nutrients from our natural sources penetrate deep into your hair cells with a proper head massage. This improves your blood circulation, promotes hair growth environment, and encourages the scalp to take in the oxygen and energy it needs to achieve amazing hair growth results!

How Do I Qualify?

A 30-minute hair therapy session using our all natural medicated hair products will be given to all males with short hair who book a free consultation at our clinic. Once you book a hair transplant surgery with international hair institute, you will be given 40 minute sessions with each follow up appointment (After 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months). This will help your hair transplant results come in faster, stronger, and healthier. 

Hair Therapy


While performing your hair therapy, we will be using special tools that will help stimulate your hair follicles into producing stronger and healthier hair growth. Here are each of the tools along with a description of how they will help your hair and scalp health.

Hair Transplant

Ozone Comb

The ozone comb helps to regulate the oil production on the scalp. This will help improve the hair quality and strengthen the density and elasticity of the hair. It also kills bacteria, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

hair loss treatment

Spray Gun

The spray gun stimulates blood circulation and the regeneration function of the cortical cells.

Hair Loss Cure

+/- Import

While massaging the scalp with this tool, nerves and spasms get relaxed. It also stimulates blood flow on the head.

Hair Growth

Import Instrument

This tool gives the scalp a much needed cell massage, improves the metabolism of the scalp cells, enhances the longevity of the scalp cells and promotes blood flow in the scalp.

hair restoration

Meridian Brush

This brush promotes blood circulation in the scalp, removes toxins, and relieves decompression.

hair restoration solutions

Can- Pull

The can-pull tool aids in metabolism, improves elasticity of blood vessels, softens blood vessels, reduces lateral pressure of the blood vessel to the pipe wall and increases the oxygen supply capacity to the brain.  

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