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Hair Loss vs Normal Hair Shedding

Hair Loss vs Hair Shedding In Chicago, IL

Do you ever notice strands of your hair on the ground or your pillow and wonder if it’s a sign of hair loss? Everyone sheds some hair each day, so finding stray hairs on occasion is not necessarily worth worrying about. Here, the hair restoration experts at International Hair Institute discuss some of the differences between hair loss and normal hair shedding.

What Is Hair Shedding?

Hair shedding is a natural segment of the hair growth cycle called the exogen phase. Shedding occurs not because something is wrong, but to make room for newer and more healthy hair to grow in its place. Hair is most likely to come out when brushing, combing, or shampooing your hair. The exogen phase typically lasts a few months, while a new hair grows underneath in the follicle until the previous hair is shed.

Most people lose between 50 and 100 hairs throughout the day, which is indiscernible on a scalp with over 100,000 follicles. However, factors such as stress, hormones, age, diet, and health can amplify how much hair is shed. Excessive shedding is usually a temporary phenomenon and can be addressed by changing certain environmental factors or managing stress.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss describes hair that falls out of the scalp without triggering new growth in the follicle. If new hair does not grow in to replace the hair that has fallen out, that is a strong indication that you are experiencing hair loss.

Other signs that you are experiencing more substantial hair loss include noticeable hair thinning (areas where you can more clearly see the scalp) and an emerging pattern of loss that changes the hairline. When you look at strands that have shed, they typically have a white ball at the end, whereas hair loss is more likely to appear weaker and break off without any whiteness attached.

Treating Hair Loss

If you are concerned that your hair loss is much more significant than normal shedding, come speak to our hair restoration experts for customized solutions. We offer a range of treatments such as medication, microneedling, PRP, hairline transplant, FUT hair transplant, and FUE hair transplant to best address a patient’s unique needs and cosmetic goals. Maintaining a lush head of hair with a youthful hairline is achievable despite hair loss.

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