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Glencoe Hair Transplant Procedure That Will Restore Your Life

At the International Hair Institute, we understand the sensitivity revolving your hair loss issues. For both women and men, hair loss is both embarrassing and emotionally scarring. Thankfully, we have solutions for you that are permanent.   

We Are Our Hair

The hair on our heads make a lasting impression in our social interactions. It is insane to think about but the way we style our hair says a lot about our personalities. Dr. Puig understands what a vital role our hair can play in our lives. He is on a mission to help those who are experiencing hair loss bring their sense of identity back. This passion makes him one of the best hair doctors in the industry and the #1 choice for patients!

Less Than An Hour Away To New Hair

Lucky for you, you are only 54 minutes away from a total life transformation! You want to make a difference and we are eager to walk you through your options. Visit our office for a FREE consultation.

Take a look at our Hair Transplant Near Me page to see other locations we are convenient to.

Special Pricing!

Special Pricing for all hair and beard transplants in November! Ask about our free microneedling session when you come to your free consultation!