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Marie, who over-plucked her eyebrows as a teenager suffered from thin eyebrows in an era where eyebrows are everything. Marie had microblading done to get the illusion of thicker eyebrows but instantly regretted it due to the unnatural appearance and poor choice of color usage. Determined to correct her eyebrow disaster, Marie quickly searched “eyebrow transplant near me" in a google search and came across IHI Clinic. After thorough research on the clinic, Marie scheduled a consultation and went through with the procedure. She was so happy to see how natural and perfectly structured her new eyebrow looked and is extremely happy with her eyebrow transplant results!

“People are complimenting me non stop."

How do you feel about your new eyebrows?

I feel that the eyebrow transplant has made me look a lot younger and brings out my other features.

Why do you regret microblading?

Microblading gives the illusion of thicker brows but at the end of the day, they are not your real brows and do not give the natural appearance that an eyebrow transplant will give you.   

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