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Hair Transplant Before and After
Erick works at a coffee shop where he interacts with customers all day.  He knows the importance of being confident and happy with his appearance.  He decided to have his hair transplant with IHI after researching and visiting several other clinics. Here is Erick 7 days after his procedure, and he is eagerly anticipating for his hair to fully grow in.

“I can't wait to do my hair in different styles and make it look the way I want it to be."

Specifically, why did you decide to do the procedure at our clinic?

“Since the first time I walked into your office, I felt like you guys were my friends already. It's like a family here!"

How was the day of surgery for you?

“I was a little nervous in the morning. but as soon as you guys started working on it I felt very comfortable. I felt relaxed all day."

What do you like doing in the summer?

“I like going out with friends. Now I won't feel as insecure when I'm doing fun things with them!" 

hair transplant on scar

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