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Elon Musk’s Hair Restoration – Hair Blog | International Hair Institute – Hair Transplant Chicago

Best known for his groundbreaking achievements with Tesla, PayPal, and Space X, Elon Musk ranks as number 40 in the world’s richest people! His revolutionary visions made into reality has kept his name on the tongues of millions worldwide throughout the past two decades. Recently, Musk has been making headlines for reasons other than his professional life. The media has been keeping their eye on his increasingly charming looks over the years due to his new found hair growth. Though Elon Musk has kept quiet about what he has done to restore his hair, it is evident that he had to have done something. In old photos, Musk has a very noticeable receding hairline that has seemed to patch up. Let’s go through the different methods of hair restoration that the Tesla CEO might have practiced to look more handsome than ever before.

1. Medicine for Hair Loss

Hair loss medications are popular among patients who experience their hair becoming significantly thinner. Medications such as Finasteride and Minoxidil are recommended to many and have shown great success in stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth. However, these medications are more successful in stopping hair from falling rather than bringing back all hair that was lost. Though it is possible that Musk might have used these drugs in his hair care routine, it is highly unlikely that it could be the leading factor to his hair regrowth.

2. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection, otherwise known as PRP is known to stimulate hair growth for a fuller head of hair without surgery. The platelet-rich plasma carries growth factors that naturally promotes the development of new follicles and aids the overall health of existing hair follicles. It has been done in the past by the Kardashians who raved about the amazing results. Though Musk hasn’t mentioned anything about getting PRP injections, it is a possibility.

3. Ayurveda for Hair Growth

Ayurvedic practices have been used countless times and proven to be successful in hair loss cases. Hair loss patients have uses herbal teas, hair oils, and all natural ingredients to apply to the scalp as a hair mask that promotes stronger, thicker, softer hair. Though these natural remedies do help, it can take a while before hair restoration results can be seen.

4. Hair Transplant

An FUE hair transplant surgery was most likely the method Musk went on his hair restoration journey. Hair transplants are the only guaranteed cure to balding and hair loss. The hair follicles used are harvested from the back of one’s scalp and planted in the areas that need to be covered up. Hair transplants are quick, easy, painless and deliver permanent results that last a lifetime. This is the most likely explanation for Elon Musk’s hair restoration since his hair growth seems to look like their was never any thinning.

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