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Dispelling Myths: Lies You’ve Heard About Hair Loss

Hair Loss Myths Chicago, IL

The digital age may make it easier to research scientific information, but plenty of old wives’ tales about hair loss still exist. As hair loss and restoration experts, the team at International Hair Institute occasionally hears some of these myths repeated by our new patients. We’d like to use this blog to set the record straight on some of the most common myths.

Wearing Hats Causes Hair Loss

If you’ve ever been discouraged from wearing a hat because it can make your hair fall out, you’ve been misinformed. There is no truth to the idea that hair needs to “air out” to thrive, since hair growth is determined internally (through the bloodstream). To the same point, if you start wearing a hat to cover up a bald spot or receding hairline, this will not accelerate hair thinning.

Your Maternal Grandfather Is to Blame

The idea that if your mother’s father is bald you will be too is a prevalent notion, but it’s one that’s only partially true. Men have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene for male pattern baldness if their maternal grandpa has the condition. However, scientists have identified 11 other genetic sequences in chromosomes which can contribute to your future hair growth and loss. Since these genes come from both your mother and father, it is not fair to blame one person specifically.

Shampooing Your Hair Frequently Causes Hair to Fall Out

Don’t slack on your hygiene based off this misconception. Presumably, the reason people think that washing their hair can contribute to baldness is that hair often comes out while you touch it. However, this is hair that is ready to fall out anyway, not hair that would have survived over the long term if you skipped showering.  

Women Don’t Need to Worry About Hair Loss

Women are not immune from hair loss. While most women are not as susceptible to dramatic hair loss as men, about 40% to 50% of women experience some amount of hair loss in their lifetime. Medication and hair transplant can help women to revive thicker hair and a normal hairline if they so choose.

Are You Ready to Restore Your Hair?

Ultimately, the myths you have heard about hair loss are less important than what you want to do about your hair loss. Growing a thick, full head of hair with an appealing hairline is within reach thanks to treatments including hair transplant. Come hear all the facts from our knowledgeable team by scheduling a consultation at our office in Chicago: call (312) 854-3899