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Hair Transplant Chicago

5 Reasons Hair Transplant Is Better Than a Toupee

You have a number of options when facing hair loss. Hair transplant or a toupee are two of those options. A toupee, also called a hair system, hair piece or wig, is a specially crafted piece of hair that is used to cover a bald area. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves

Is Beard Transplant Worth It? Weighing Your Options

Not all men can grow a thick, full beard. Genetics, age and hormones can make a beard look patchy or impede hair growth on the face entirely. Some men who have beard envy seek beard transplant. This cosmetic procedure is an effective way to sprout real hair from the face and chin. If the idea

Does Hair Transplant Hurt? You May Be Surprised

Most people want to improve their appearance, but not at any cost. The amount of pain someone experiences from a surgery can be a dealbreaker, especially if it’s an elective procedure. Therefore, it makes sense that one of the most common questions prospective patients ask Dr. Carlos Puig is “Will it hurt?” Fortunately, the answer

Types of Hair Loss: Identify Your Own Form of Hair Loss

Hair loss affects most Americans at some point in their lives, but not all hair loss is the same. Dr. Carlos Puig, the director of the International Hair Institute in Chicago, has worked with patients with all different types of hair loss to find solutions for restoring or maintaining more hair. Identifying the type of

Give Yourself the Gift of Hair Restoration

It’s that time of year again! The streets are glowing with festive holiday lights, coffee shops are selling your favorite drinks, and the positive vibrations of holiday cheer is in the crisp winter air. It is a time to remember and appreciate the people that come into your life. Along with the long list of loved

Elon Musk’s Hair Restoration – Hair Blog | International Hair Institute

Best known for his groundbreaking achievements with Tesla, PayPal, and Space X, Elon Musk ranks as number 40 in the world’s richest people! His revolutionary visions made into reality has kept his name on the tongues of millions worldwide throughout the past two decades. Recently, Musk has been making headlines for reasons other than his

LeBron James’s Hair Falls Out! IHI Can Restore It!

NBA superstar, LeBron James was always admired for his talent on the court but had always been humiliated and criticized for his receding hairline since the beginning of his basketball career. To counter against the jokes made about him by the press, the NBA Legend wore hair pieces and hair fibers to cover up his

How to Choose a Beard Style | Beard Trends 2019

A man can look 100 times more attractive with a beard. Getting dense facial hair is the obsession of men all over the universe in this day and age. Many guys are opting for beard transplants to achieve a more masculine and fashion forward look. However, supporting the beard trend is useless if one doesn’t

Line Up + Receding Hairline Solution | Men’s Hair Trends 2019

Line up haircuts combined with a fade have been the hottest men’s hairstyle trend of the year. Guys have been pouring into barbershops to request the clean and angular look shaved into their hairlines and beards. The line-up, otherwise known as a shape-up or edge-up looks flattering on most face shapes and hair types. If

4 Causes of Hair Loss In Men

4 Causes of Hair Loss in Men As you age, you may notice your hairline receding or bald patches parting their way through on your scalp. The feeling of dread may take over your mind as your once much admired head of hair gets replaces by a deserted mass of shiny skin. Balding makes a