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Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant in Chicago

A good beard can improve one’s appearance by giving it a more masculine, rugged, or sophisticated appearance. To get rid of patches in their beards, men have used beard oils and various remedies. If you’ve been attempting to thicken your bread but haven’t been successful, consider beard transplant surgery. Facial hair transplant is a procedure that restores hair growth to areas of the face where it is thin or absent.

Hair transplantation is commonly used to restore eyelashes, brows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair, and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery, such as facelifts and previous hair transplants.

Cause of Hair loss in Beard Area:

Causes for hair loss in the beard area are also considered multi-factorial.  The cause of male-pattern hair loss is a combination of genetics and male hormones.

Beard Transplant Procedure:

Transplanting a beard is done in the same way that a hair transplant is done. It is possible to achieve this through two procedures: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) (Follicular Unit Extraction). The harvested grafts will be transplanted into the recipient beard areas to create perfect facial hair designs in either procedure. In terms of the donor area, grafts can be obtained from the donor areas of the scalp, or if possible and/or desired, from the inferior part of the chin if it is densely populated. Only minor scars are left behind, which will be hidden by the remaining beard hair. The graft transplant is done individually with micro needles to leave as little scarring as possible.

Getting a beard transplant will give you complete control over your appearance once and for all. You will be able to experiment with all of the beard styles you have imagined. Your follicles will be permanently grafted in, allowing them to grow and function normally. Plus, the procedure is not as painful as you might be thinking.

Facial and Beard Restoration

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2. How Many Grafts Do I Need for a FULL Beard?

20 days after beard transplantationThe more grafts required, the larger the beard. The number of grafts required to fill in a full beard area is determined by how much facial hair a person already has. Filling in a full beard, assuming no facial hair, would require 2500-3000 grafts. Jose in the photo above had very little facial hair to begin with. He did, however, end up with a full beard at the end of the surgery with2000 grafts.

Does a Beard Transplant Last Forever?

dr carlos doing beard transplantYour beard transplant hairs are 100% permanent! Don’t be afraid to cut them, trim them, or style them in whatever way you please. They are taken from the back of your head which has the healthiest hair growth. So, you can feel that your beard will last for forever. You will have a boast worthy beard for your whole life!

4. Beard Transplant Cost

side effects of facial hair transplantA beard transplant is a pricier method of achieving the perfect beard but if you are unable to grow one naturally, it is worth every dime. A beard transplant depends on the grafts needed for each individual person. The price of the surgery can not be determined until we see you during the consultation. Attend a FREE consultation at our clinic to get a quote!

To get a better understanding of how our pricing works, go to our Pricing Page!

6. Beard Transplant Near Me

If you live in the Chicago area, our clinic location will be a perfect commute! We do have many patients that come from out of state for hair transplant procedures as well. Click, Hair Transplants Near Me to see how long your commute will be!

7. Beard Transplant Before and After

Our beard patients literally go from patchy to perfect within a week! It is an investment that is bound to boost your confidence and change your life forever. Take a look at our Beard Transplant Results! Sign up for a free consultation today and be part of the IHI beard gang!

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