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Beard Transplant Cost

The starting price for a beard transplant is $4,500. However, the price will vary depending on how many grafts you need to fill in the area. A beard transplant is a life changing investment on ones appearance that will deliver permanent results. Finally, you can look the way you want to without your genetics holding you back!

Beard Transplants V.S. Over the Counter Solutions

Though the price of a beard transplant may seem like a lot compared to over the counter methods of increasing hair growth, it is actually the most natural and cost effective way to grow a full beard. The cost of hair growth products add up over time and do not deliver the results we all desire. With a beard transplant, you will get guaranteed results. Soon, you will be able to try various beard styles and achieve a more masculine look.

Try these beard oils to promote hair growth

Why to Get a Beard Transplant?

There is something about a beard that adds interest to a man's appearance. A beard on a man looks sophisticated, matured, stylish, and draws respect from both women and men. These days, having a beard is very much on trend. Everyone is trying to achieve a rugged or polished masculine look by growing out a beard.

Beard Transplant Near Me

If you are located in the Chicago area, our clinic location will be an easy commute! Click, Hair Transplants Near Me to see your commute!

Beard Transplant Results

Our clients look amazing after their procedures. See our beard transplant results!

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