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Gabriela wanted to achieve amazing eyebrows but didn't have good eyebrow genetics. She wore make up to give herself the look of structured eyebrows but it wasn't enough. She wanted something that would last at the end of the day when she washed her makeup off. She wanted her actual eyebrows! She came to IHI Clinic for a free consultation and knew that she needed to get an eyebrow transplant! It has been 15 days since her got her eyebrow transplant and her results look amazing!

“I'm super happy to have real eyebrows!"

Why did you want an eyebrow transplant?

I wanted structured brows that complemented my eyes. I wasn’t able to grow eyebrows of my own so I opted for an eyebrow transplant.

How was surgery day?

The day of the surgery went much better than I expected! I was scared at first but everyone was so kind and welcoming. All my tensions were put to ease. 

Hair Transplant

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