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Beard Transplant Results

Armando was always fond of the full bearded look but was never able to grow a full beard by himself due to his genetics. He came across International Hair Institute, Hair Transplant Clinic on google and knew that we could make his beard goals come true! It's been 10 days since his surgery and Armando's beard transplant results look great!

“Everyone has noticed my beard growth. It really suits my face and gives me the masculine and stylish look I have been wanting."

Why did you chose IHI?

I found International Hair Institute through a standard google search and was very impressed with the other beard transplants that were featured on the results page. Dr. Puig has 40 years of experience and I wouldn't trust anyone else with the procedure!

How was surgery day?

Surgery day was very comfortable. The procedure was completely painless and the staff was super attentive to my needs.

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